The New Mom’s Survival Kit: What You Need Postpartum

The New Mom's Survival Kit: What You Need Postpartum

I’m going to let you in on a secret. There are a whole bunch of things about labour, delivery, and the postpartum period that seasoned moms haven’t told you. It’s not that we don’t think you need to know these things, because you do. It’s just that we’ve either forgotten about them or don’t want to freak you out any more than you already are about birthing a human being. (Don’t worry, eventually you’ll hit a point of being so over pregnancy that you’ll do almost anything just to get that baby out). I’m not going to sit here and tell you every single detail of what the birth experience is like. Apart from the fact that every woman’s experience is different and unique, some things are better left for you to just find out for yourself. That being said, there are some things that I really do want you to know about the aftermath of delivering a baby. I want you to be prepared for a few eventualities so that you have what you need when you need it and aren’t sending your partner out to the drug store every few hours to buy another little something you needed five minutes ago.  Read More

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Increasing the Odds of Conception: SMEP

Increasing the Odds of Conception: SMEP

I’ve talked before about how timing is everything when it comes to trying to conceive (TTC), and it’s a big one for sure. Knowing when (or if) you’re ovulating is key, and with that figured out you are better able to get the baby dancing (BD) timing just right too. Maybe you’ve been trying for a while, or maybe you’re just thinking about trying soon, either way there is a method of timing sex that can optimize your odds of success. In the world of TTC there are no guarantees (wouldn’t it be great if there were?), but perhaps this method will bring you success. It’s called SMEP and I’m going to explain what it is and how it works!  Read More

How The Monarch Mommy Washes Cloth Diapers

How The Monarch Mommy Washes Cloth Diapers

I love cloth diaper laundry. I really really do. Maybe that’s because my diapers come out fresh and clean every time. By fresh and clean I mean no stink, no smells, no problems. Want to know how I do it? Read on! Read More

My Favourite AI2: Funky Fluff LUX (Review)

My Favourite AI2 - Funky Fluff LUX

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I know I’ve said that pocket diapers are my favourite style of diaper, and they are, truly. Nothing has swayed me away from my beloved pockets until now. Enter the Funky Fluff LUX. Funky Fluff LUX diapers are technically an AI3 (All In 3) style, but they can be used as an AI2 and that makes them fabulous. What is an AI2 diaper, you ask? Allow me to explain.

My Favourite AI2 - Funk Fluff LUX

Funky Fluff LUX Stay Dry shell in the Maritime print.

Unlike a pocket diaper where you stuff the absorbency into a pocket in the waterproof shell, with an AI2 (All In 2) you lay an absorbent soaker on top of the waterproof shell. There’s no stuffing required at all, and as long as the shell doesn’t get soiled, you can simply remove the soaker and lay a new one in. AI2s are great for a number of reasons. Read More

Skip the Trainers: Potty Training in Three Days #SchoolofCloth

Skip the Trainers: Potty Training in Three Days

When The Heir was around 18 months old, I started to wonder when we should start potty training. I rushed out and bought a potty, put it in the main bathroom, and left it at that. It just seemed like such a daunting process and I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I’d read that it could take months, that Pull Ups or cloth trainers were a necessity, and that they might need to be used for quite some time after potty training. Not my idea of a good time. While trying to figure out the right method for potty training The Heir, I came across an eBook called 3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen. It promised that the process would be quick (I mean, hello! 3 days?!?! Yes please), child led, and fulfilled with love. Did I think it would work? Not even a little bit. Did I decide to try it anyway? Of course!

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