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To say that a Tula Baby Carrier is a parenting treasure is a huge understatement! Unrivalled comfort, prints to suit any taste and a legion of loyal fans set Tula apart from the pack. Read More

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Five True Crime Podcasts You’re Going To Love

Five True Crime Podcasts You're Going To Love

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I’ve been a podcast listener for years. Back in the days before children, King Dad and I used to load our iPods with a variety of podcasts before embarking on long road trips. The road trips of our youth were filled with loud music, but the road trips of our child-free late twenties were filled with educational podcasts. Nowadays the soundtrack of our road trips are peppered with lullaby renditions of the classics (Queen, Journey, Tragically Hip, etc.), The Heir asking if we’ve arrived and why we have to stop at red lights, and children’s tears. Oh parenthood! Though I don’t spend our family drives listening to podcasts anymore, I do still get my fill of podcasts whenever I can. Because my podcast listening time is fairly limited, I don’t waste my time listening to podcasts that aren’t completely of interest to me. Which podcasts are my absolute favourites? Here they are! Read More

HumBird HumCloud Overnight Fitted Review

HumBird HumCloud Overnight Fitted Review

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Over my years in the cloth diapering world I’ve noticed a common concern. Night time cloth diapering. Concern probably isn’t the right word for it… Fear might be a better way to put it. Many families end up in disposable diapers overnight not because they prefer to use them, but because they can’t find a cloth diaper solution for their heavy wetting child overnight. This is a legitimate concern! Finding an overnight cloth diaper solution for super soaking toddlers that will last all night (and I’m talking twelve plus hours here) can be two things: daunting and expensive. Every time you invest in a new overnight diaper option and it fails to keep your toddler dry all night, it can feel completing defeating. I’m here to tell you that there’s a foolproof overnight cloth diaper that will not let you down (or soak your sheets). This is it folks! You no longer need to piece together inserts and boosters from a variety of other diapers and different brands. Now there is a one stop solution for the heaviest of wetters. It’s the HumBird HumCloud and it will blow your mind with how absorbent it is.  Read More

AppleCheeks Always On My Mind 360 Charity Exclusive from Nature’s Baby Basket

AppleCheeks Always On My Mind 360 Charity Exclusive from Nature's Baby Basket

Sonja of Calgary’s Nature’s Baby Basket designed the original Always On My Mind (AOMM) “to break down the barriers and stigma surrounding mental health.” With AOMM retiring, she decided to keep the conversation going with Always On My Mind 360 (AOMM 360). This new colour—Pantone colour #360—is here to symbolize “360 degrees of mental health support, awareness and perspective in our communities with a brilliant boost of green!”

Proceeds from the sale of AOMM 360 will go to two great causes: the Calgary chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Alberta Children’s Hospital for brain and mental health research programs. Read More

Six Tips for Donating Breastmilk #AventMoms

Six Tips for Donating Breastmilk

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It may come as a surprise to some of you that breastmilk donation is a “thing”. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you’ll probably have noticed that it’s a “thing” that I do. I make no secret of my breastmilk donor status, and love sharing my experience with breastmilk donation to anyone who will listen! The one question that comes up most often when someone learns that I’m a breastmilk donor is “how did you do it?”. That’s exactly the question I’m going to tackle today! There was definitely a bit of a process to becoming a breastmilk donor, but once I got going and found my groove, it really just became a normal part of my daily life. There are six things that were crucial to my success as a breastmilk donor, and I’m going to share them with you! Read More