Month: May 2016

HumBird Creations Overnight Hybrid Fitted & Wool Cover

Visit our sponsor! Getting rid of the overnight disposable diaper can be the final hurdle for cloth diapering parents. While cloth diapers during the day are changed frequently, an overnight diaper must last…well, overnight. HumBird Cloth Diapers are… Read More

Fluffraiser Auction for Fort McMurray

What is happening right now in Fort McMurray is heartbreaking. Thousands of families have been displaced and have lost their homes in the wildfire that is continuing to grow. I felt compelled to do something to try to help… Read More

No More Calgon? What To Do Now!

This post contains affiliate links. Canadians with very hard water are collectively panicking as news that Calgon is no longer being sold in Canada travels through the cloth diapering community. Dramatic much? Sure, but if you live in… Read More

Easy Breazy Baby Waterproof Teething Mittens Giveaway

Welcome to the Waterproof Teething Mittens Giveaway hosted by Maman on the Trail Are you looking for a Canadian-made teething solution for your little one? Look no further than these adorable, made to order, waterproof teething mittens! Madelynn,… Read More

How The Spray Pal Changed Everything

I received these items at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. I don’t like being wrong. I’d like to think it doesn’t happen very often, but I’m sure King Dad would disagree. It would be impossible to… Read More