Month: November 2015

Canadian Baby Ponchos – Review

Visit our sponsor! I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.  There’s snow on the ground and the temperatures are dipping well below freezing here. You know what that means?… Read More

For the Love of Science!

I love research. When I say that, I mean I LOVE research. I spent thirteen years of my adult life doing research, and you don’t dedicate that much of your life to something if you don’t at least sort… Read More

When Breastfeeding Still Hurts

It’s not uncommon for the early days of breastfeeding to be accompanied by pain. When baby latches in that first week, it can be downright toe curling. It takes some time for both mom and baby to learn… Read More

Four Reasons My Preschooler is Still Rear Facing

This post contains affiliate links. You may have noticed by now that car seat safety is something I am passionate about. I LOVE talking about car seats. Whether we are talking about infant bucket seats, convertible car seats,… Read More

Breastmilk Donation: My Experience

This post contains affiliate links. Did you know that breastmilk can be donated? Yeah, it’s true! There are these awesome places called milk banks where you can donate breastmilk that you’ve pumped and it is pasteurized and shipped… Read More