Month: October 2015

Four Reasons to Say Yes to the Infant Bucket Seat

Visit our sponsor! Choosing a car seat is arguably the most important baby gear decision you’ll make as parents-to-be. Do you go with an infant bucket seat or save the money and go with a convertible seat right… Read More

Size Matters: When To Get Fitted for a Nursing Bra

When you’re planning on breastfeeding one of the greatest tools in your nursing arsenal will be your nursing bra. I can’t emphasize this enough: you want a GREAT nursing bra. How will you know what bra is going to work… Read More

How I Survived Hosting Thanksgiving

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving and in all my infinite wisdom I thought it would be a brilliant idea to host the dinner. That’s right. A Thanksgiving dinner for 6 with all the trimmings at my house… Read More

Timing is Everything: Charting 101

Just relax and it will happen. Don’t you just hate it when people say that? If you’ve ever spent any length of time trying to conceive (and you’ve actually told anyone that you are “trying”), you’ve probably heard this… Read More

Four Fundamentals of Washing Cloth Diapers

You’ve decided you want to cloth diaper. Awesome! Now what?!?! One of the first steps is to establish a great wash routine. You want a routine that is going to keep your diapers smelling fresh and absorbing well,… Read More