Preparing Your Toddler For The New Baby

Preparing Your Toddler For The New Baby

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Having a baby takes a whole lot of planning. Thankfully, you get about nine months to come to terms with the whole thing and to think you know what you’re getting yourselves into. Fast forward to baby number two, and now you’ve got about nine months to prepare your toddler for the arrival of their younger sibling. This can be both an exciting time and a nerve wracking time for a soon to be parent of two. Will your first born be excited or jealous? Will he like the baby or will he be convinced the new baby has ruined his life forever? How can you prepare your toddler for what’s to come? Lucky for you, I’ve been there and I’ve done that! Did it go as smoothly as I’d envisioned before the second line showed up on the pregnancy test? Heck no! Did everything work out in the end? Sure did! Here are some of the ways that you can help guide your toddler through this pretty darned huge transition in his or her life.  Read More

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Introducing Baby To The Next Milk (+GIVEAWAY) #LoveIsInTheDetails

Introducing Baby To The Next Milk

How is it even possible that Petit Prince is almost a year old? The past eleven months have just flown by with him, and here we are thinking about introducing cow’s milk for the first time. With The Heir, I introduced cow’s milk around 14 months old, and in that process I learned a little something about how not to go about doing that. As with everything for the first born, each step along the way is a learning experience, a chance to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Petit Prince, as the second baby, benefits from all the experiences that I had with The Heir. Each transition with Petit Prince has been approached with the knowledge and wisdom only a mom who’s done it all before could possess. In some ways, this has made certain things a little easier to work through, but every baby is different so sometimes what didn’t work for The Heir is exactly what does work for Petit Prince. Such is life as a mom. One thing I won’t be tackling the same way I did the first go round is the introduction of cow’s milk. One day, I just brought out a bottle, filled it with cow’s milk, and handed it over. Oh if I had only known!  Read More

Baby Food Made Easy With Baby Brezza!

Baby Food Made Easy With Baby Brezza!

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When I was pregnant with The Heir, I knew I was going to make his baby food myself. It wasn’t even a question for me, it was an absolute certainty. When he turned six months old, I bought some fabulous fruits and vegetables, and diligently got to work in my kitchen. I was steaming things on the stove, roasting things in the oven, boiling things in a pot. The blender and food processor came out, and I blended and blended, and blended some more. I divided everything up into ice cube trays for freezing, and eagerly awaited The Heir’s first taste of home made food. What happened next is something my childless former self could never have imagined. He wouldn’t eat it. He wouldn’t eat ANY of it. Not only would he refuse to eat it, but if some passed his lips he’d spray it right back at me. It was a humbling experience as a parent, and one that left behind an entire kitchen’s worth of dirty pots, pans, steam baskets, blenders, and food processor parts. In the end, I think the biggest hurdle in getting The Heir to eat what I made was the texture. Nothing seemed to be just right. So after taking a break for my own sanity, we resumed solid foods with store bought baby food. He gobbled it up like a champ, go figure. If only I’d known then what I know now, I could have saved myself SO MUCH TIME and so many dishes! With Petit Prince, I default to store bought baby food, and it works really well for us, but sometimes I like to be able to know just how much of a certain food he’s actually consuming. It’s all fine and good for packaged baby food to include organic spinach on the ingredients list, but how do I know just how much of that vegetable he’s actually getting in there? Making your own baby food is a great way to track such things, but it can be challenging to get the texture just right. Don’t even get me started on the number of dishes it takes to cook up your own baby food! All that has changed now that the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker is in my life. Surely I didn’t need yet another kitchen appliance, but after giving this baby food maker a go, I can’t imagine not have the Baby Brezza in my kitchen!  Read More

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The MiaMily HIPSTER is a multifaceted baby carrier that allows you to safely and comfortably carry your baby in 9 different ways. NINE different ways! This makes the HIPSTER an ideal candidate for babywearing on and off the hiking trails. Maman has worn it on the trails, at the cottage, around the apartment, to and from the car, at the grocery store and more! It is so quick and easy to put it on and to get Baby in and out of it. And after the initial learning curve, it is very easy to adjust and to find that sweet spot of optimal comfort so that you can wear your baby for longer periods of time. Read More

The “Old” BumGenius Elemental Is Back!

The -Old- BumGenius Elemental Is Back!

Has a cloth diaper you loved ever been discontinued? No longer made, lost and forgotten, kept in your stash long after it has become worn and tattered? This was the fate of the much loved “old-style” BumGenius Elementals (OBGE). The OBGE was an organic cotton all-in-one cloth diaper from Cotton Babies that was discontinued when the “new-style” BumGenius Elemental (NBGE) was introduced in early 2013. Although I never used either of these diapers with The Heir, it was pretty clear just by following the buy-sell-trade groups that the OBGE was a much loved and coveted diaper, if you could get your hands on one. The NBGE, on the other hand, seemed to be less popular. When I heard that my local retailer was going to be the exclusive Canadian retailer to bring back the OBGEs in new prints, I had to get my hands on a couple of those diapers! What’s the verdict? Did I love them? Umm… In a word? Yes. Here’s what I think about the return of the OBGE! Read More