Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road Coat (+GIVEAWAY)

Safe & Warm with the One Kid Road CoatSafe & Warm with the Onekid Road Coat

There’s no denying that winter is just around the corner after the blizzard like conditions we had here just a couple weeks ago. Like it or not, the cold weather and the snow is on its way and it’s time to start thinking about how to manage the little ones through the winter this year. One of the biggest challenges parents in colder climates face is winter car seat safety. I’ve talked at length about keeping kids safe in the car in freezing weather, so I don’t feel the need to rehash all of that again here. Suffice it to say that children should not wear puffy coats, thick winter gear, snow pants, or snow suits in their car seats. (Not sure why? Read my post about winter car seat safety.) Now I know all too well that it gets very cold in the winter in many parts of North America. I also know that life carries on in very cold temperatures in many parts of North America. That means you really can’t just avoid going out when it’s bitterly cold. It has to happen, and if you’re traveling by car, it has to happen safely. The One Kid Road Coat has taken the most annoying part of winter with children in car seats and made it so much easier. With the Road Coat, gone are the days of taking the coat off before getting in the car and hustling to put it back on when getting out of the car. The One Kid Road Coat can stay on in the car, in the car seat, and under the harness. Crazy talk, right? Let me explain how it works!  Read More

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XO Flo Menstrual Cup Review (+GIVEAWAY)

XO Flo Menstrual Cup Review

Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review

I’ve been living that #cuplife for a good long while now, and as a menstrual cup veteran I love nothing more than trying out a new cup! After almost ten years as a menstrual cup user, and spending the entirety of 2017 using only reusable menstrual products, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of what I do and do not like in a cup. What works for me isn’t always going to be what works for you, and vice versa. Nevertheless, I love sharing whatever cup wisdom I have so you can decide for yourselves if a cup is worth a closer look! I remember hearing that GladRags was coming out with a new menstrual cup about a year ago, and I was really keen to give it a try. You see, GladRags have been around for more years than I’ve been menstruating, yet I’d never had the opportunity to give their products a try until now. Crazy, right? The cup that GladRags has designed is called the XO Flo and there are some features in this cup that make it truly unique!  Read More

Smart Bottoms Dream 2.0 Review (+GIVEAWAY)

Smart Bottoms Dream 2.0 Review

Bella Luna Pocket Diaper Review

Back in April of this year I reviewed the Smart Bottoms Dream diaper, so you might be wondering how it’s possible that there’s already a Smart Bottoms Dream 2.0 available just six short months later. The short answer is that it’s because Smart Bottoms really cares. They care about their customers, they care about their fans, and they care about their products. When one of those products just wasn’t performing the way their customers were expecting, they listened. You can scoop yourself up off the floor now! I know, it can be downright shocking to hear of a company that cares so much about their customers’ satisfaction that they gathered feedback, and implemented changes in such a short amount of time. But that’s exactly what Smart Bottoms did when they heard the same concerns over and over about the original Dream diaper (the OG Dream). Now I could break out into a Eurythmics sing off to tell you just how sweet the Dream 2.0 diaper really is, but how about I spare you and just blog about it instead? Is the Smart Bottoms Dream 2.0 twice as nice as the original? Absolutely!  Read More

Soul Slings Onbuhimo Giveaway!

Soul Slings Onbuhimo Giveaway

Choose Your Own AppleCheeks Giveaway

To coincide with her recent review, The Mama Knows is hosting a giveaway for a Soul Slings Onbuhimo Baby Carrier! I’m helping her to promote it, and as a follower of my blog you can earn some bonus entries for this giveaway.

The Soul Slings Onbuhimo carrier is primarily used as a back carry for babies who can sit unassisted and are over 7kg (15lbs). This unique, and convenient, style of carrier originated in Japan and is made without a waist belt! The Onbuhimo is best suited to “arms out” back carries, and will work right into toddler-hood with a max weight of 18kg (40lbs). It’s quite adjustable, and is a popular choice for caregivers of any size and shape. Read More

Beautiful Bibs from Bella Luna (+GIVEAWAY)

Beautiful Bibs from Bella Luna

Unless you have a toddler, it might come as a surprise to you that bibs are still a necessary item in Petit Prince’s life. It’s not that he’s particularly messy, it’s just that, well, he’s a toddler. Over the last two years he’s gone through a variety of bib phases, and these days bibs are reserved for meal times and for painting. You might assume that a bib is a bib, but I’m here to tell you that this is absolutely not the case. Not all bibs are created equal, and the bibs from Bella Luna are a step above. I’ve been using the Bella Luna Boutique and Bandana bibs, and let me tell you that these bibs are more than just an adorable accessory. Read on for my complete review of Bella Luna bibs! Read More