Omaïki Oriön Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review (+GIVEAWAY)

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

Have you ever opened a package of fluff mail and been overwhelmed with the softness of a cloth diaper? I have. When Omaïki sent me their Oriön Nighttime Fitted to try with Petit Prince, the very first thing I wanted to do was rub that lusciously soft bamboo sherpa all over my face. And I did. It was glorious. Fitted diapers are a style of cloth diaper that I think every family should try, but I can also understand that they seem a little intimidating at first. What is a fitted diaper? This style of diaper is absorbent material inside and out. It’s not waterproof on its own, so it does require a cover of some kind (PUL or wool). Once you have a fitted in your stash, you just end up reaching for it more and more often. At the moment, fitted diapers are my absolute favourite style of diaper for overnight use with Petit Prince. In fact, with the amount he’s been wetting overnight, they’ve become a necessity in my stash. I was really keen to give Omaïki’s Oriön Nighttime Fitted a try because (as you surely know by now) I love Canadian made diapers! Here’s what you need to know.  Read More

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Lighthouse Diapers All In One Review (+GIVEAWAY)

Lighthouse Diaper All In One Review

Lighthouse Diaper All In One ReviewIt took me a while in my cloth diapering career (it’s a career, right?) to warm up to all-in-one (AIO) diapers, but now that I have, I really can’t get enough of them. There’s something so incredibly convenient about not having to stuff a pocket diaper and not having to dig through a pile of 60+ diapers to find the right insert. Now this is a large stash problem for sure, but AIOs are just so handy for all cloth diapering families! If you’re not yet on board with AIOs, maybe the Lighthouse Diapers AIO will convince you. If you haven’t heard about Lighthouse Diapers (made by Lighthouse Kids Company) I won’t be surprised. You see, even I hadn’t heard of them before a handful of months ago. When Jennifer of Lollypop Kids told me she was bringing these unique AIO diapers into her shop, I just had to try one out! Here’s what I think of the Lighthouse Diapers AIO.  Read More

It’s Love: How A Dyson Vacuum Stole My Heart

It's Love: How A Dyson Vacuum Stole My Heart

It's Love: How A Dyson Vacuum Stole My HeartIt’s okay to love a vacuum, right? I mean, not just any vacuum, obviously. I’m talking about a vacuum that makes my house look like it doesn’t have two little boys and a temperamental tuxedo cat running around in it day after day. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 has sucked things out of my carpet I didn’t know were hiding in there and in doing so it has stolen my heart. If your home is filled with babies and furbabies, this vacuum is going to steal your heart too!  Read More

Get Outside This Winter with Polar Stroller (+GIVEAWAY)

Get Outside This Winter with Polar Stroller

Get Outside This Winter with Polar StrollerDespite being a tried and true Canadian accustomed to real Canadian winters, the start of winter always seems to take me by surprise. Just a couple of weeks ago I was lamenting the seemingly late start of the snow with Kelly from Polar Stroller, and here we are now with more snow on the ground than my stroller can handle! Surprise! Just when we thought Old Man Winter was going to go easy on us until the deep freeze of January, here we are shovelling sidewalks, building snow men, making snow angels, and attempting to put toddlers into snowsuits in early November! If you live somewhere that gets a good amount of snow every winter, you’ll know that pushing a stroller through deep snow isn’t exactly a fun activity. And yet, we all want to take our little ones outside to enjoy the snow. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your favourite stroller could just grow skis when the snow hits so you could carry on unobstructed wherever the call of winter takes you and your littles? Although there’s no go-go-gadget skis growing out of any strollers I’ve seen, Polar Stroller is the next best thing! Polar Stroller turns your favourite stroller or bike trailer into a sleigh for the kids with easy to attach Polar Stroller skis. Read More

Babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in Style

babyroues Letour Avant: Stroll in StyleThe very first baby item I purchased when I was pregnant with The Heir was a stroller. I remember feeling like it was such an important decision to make since I was going to be using it daily for years to come. I compared the features of so many strollers in those early weeks of pregnancy. Questions swirled in my head. What was the right wheel type and size? Should I go with a bassinet or skip it? Would there be an adapter for the car seat I wanted? How much storage space would be enough? Is it going to fit in my car and is it easy to fold? If you’re in the throes of stroller shopping while pregnant, I get you. I have been there and I have done that. There’s just one pretty important difference. Babyroues‘ strollers weren’t available in Canada when I was pregnant with The Heir, but they are now! I’ve had the pleasure of taking the Babyroues Letour Avant stroller for a thorough test drive, and let me be the first to tell you that this stroller has it all! So many features and all the luxury you want in a stroller, and it comes in at a great price!  Read More