Holiday Gift Idea: Books for the Dad in Your Life from DK Books (+GIVEAWAY)

Holiday Gift Idea: Books for the Dad in Your Life

Holiday Gift Idea: Books for the Dad in Your LifeWhy is it that dads are always so hard to shop for? It doesn’t matter if I’m shopping for my own dad, my husband, my brother in law, or my father in law, I’m always stumped! Of course there’s the fall back option of socks, underwear, undershirts, and/or a tie, but surely the dads out there want a little something more exciting under the tree each year. Don’t get me wrong here… Dads absolutely need socks, underwear, undershirts, and/or a tie. If other dads are anything like my husband, they’re blowing through socks like it’s some kind of competition. By the time Christmas rolls around each year, it’s high time for some new socks. I do try to put a fair amount of thought into the gifts I choose for everyone each year, and this year I’ve come up with the perfect plan (and there’s no socks involved). Books! Books are one of my favourite things to gift! I love seeing a face light up because the book is something that person is really going to enjoy! DK Books always has great selection and I’ve found three books that I’m sure King Dad will love! Maybe they’ll be the perfect books for the dad in your life too!  Read More

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Get Your Boots On with Skechers (+GIVEAWAY)

Get Your Boots On with SkechersGet Your Boots On with Skechers

With late Fall upon us and winter just around the corner, boots are the name of the game in the footwear department at our house. Of course I couldn’t be so lucky as to have Petit Prince fit into The Heir’s barely worn boots from three years ago (yes, I kept everything). Petit Prince’s feet grow like weeds! He’s in and out of sizes in just a few short months, and I never seem to predict his correct size for upcoming seasons! Thank goodness Skechers has such a great selection of boots for this time of year. Petit Prince is all about his dad these days, so he was thrilled when his boots arrived with a coordinating pair for dad! Check out these great boots for the boys from Skechers! Read More

Beautiful Family Photos with Canvas Factory (+GIVEAWAY)

Beautiful Family Photos with Canvas Factory

Beautiful Family Photos with Canvas FactoryDo you get family photos done every year? We do! Every year it’s the same thing. I painstakingly choose just the right outfits after pinning a gazillion photos of children’s fashions, I make sure everyone’s faces are clean and their hair is combed, and I attempt to make myself look just a little less tired than I feel. Then I pack everyone into the car hoping the car seat harness doesn’t completely wrinkle the kids’ outfits, head out to a random park, and hope there are half decent fall colours for a backdrop. Then there’s the actual taking of the photos. Encouraging smiles without breaking my own, convincing the kids to cozy up to one another with the promise of a hot chocolate on the way home, and hoping the photographer is able to capture some adorable-ness despite the toddler’s tears. You know what’s easy about family photos? Ordering the canvas! Canvas Factory makes getting those family photos printed a completely painless process. And that’s a pretty big deal after all the stress of the photo shoot itself.  Read More

Bummis Pure AIO Cloth Diaper Review (+GIVEAWAY)

Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review

Bummis Pure All In One Cloth Diaper Review

Bummis recently announced their all new Pure diaper, and it’s finally here! What’s Pure? This is the newest creation from the folks at Bummis and it’s sure to impress! Pure is Bummis’ new all-in-one cloth diaper and it’s proudly made in Canada! If you’re not familiar with Bummis, here’s what you need to know. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Bummis has been in the cloth diaper business for almost 30 years. Their goal is to reduce the ecological footprint of early childhood. They achieve this by producing their products locally, using top quality raw materials to ensure durability, and always innovating to create products that work, look great, and last. How does the Bummis Pure stack up? Here’s what you need to know! Read More

Omaïki Oriön Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

Omaiki Orion Nighttime Fitted Diaper Review

Have you ever opened a package of fluff mail and been overwhelmed with the softness of a cloth diaper? I have. When Omaïki sent me their Oriön Nighttime Fitted to try with Petit Prince, the very first thing I wanted to do was rub that lusciously soft bamboo sherpa all over my face. And I did. It was glorious. Fitted diapers are a style of cloth diaper that I think every family should try, but I can also understand that they seem a little intimidating at first. What is a fitted diaper? This style of diaper is absorbent material inside and out. It’s not waterproof on its own, so it does require a cover of some kind (PUL or wool). Once you have a fitted in your stash, you just end up reaching for it more and more often. At the moment, fitted diapers are my absolute favourite style of diaper for overnight use with Petit Prince. In fact, with the amount he’s been wetting overnight, they’ve become a necessity in my stash. I was really keen to give Omaïki’s Oriön Nighttime Fitted a try because (as you surely know by now) I love Canadian made diapers! Here’s what you need to know.  Read More