Huckleberry the Trail Baby’s 1st Birthday Giveaway

Huckleberry's 1st Birthday Giveaway -

Huckleberry the Trail Baby is turning ONE and Maman on the Trail is celebrating with a huge giveaway!

A first birthday is a big event and deserves to be marked in a big way. And who doesn’t love receiving gifts at someone else’s party? You can join in the fun by entering this giveaway and you might just walk away with one of SEVEN awesome prizes. You also have access to TWO great discounts on Canadian cloth diaper brands during the giveaway period. Read More

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Display Your Family Photos with Canvas Factory (+GIVEAWAY)

Display Your Family Photos with Canvas Factory

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I have a confession to make. Petit Prince is 17 months old and we don’t have a single picture of him on display. Don’t get me wrong, we have LOTS of pictures of Petit Prince, just none have been put up anywhere. I blame this on simply being too busy with two kids to make it to the store to buy frames so I have somewhere to put the pictures. You see, the photographer that we use for our family photos has taken some great shots of our family and even sent us some excellent prints. I just don’t have frames. Sure I leave the house often enough, but photo frames just end up not making it onto my list of things to buy so I just don’t get around to it. We didn’t  have any pictures of Petit Prince up on our walls, but we do now! How did I accomplish this? Nope, I didn’t finally remember to buy some photo frames. Instead, I skipped the frame and went for a Canvas Factory canvas! Read More

MommyCon in Canada? It’s Happening! (+ coupon code for all cities)

MommyCon in Canada? It's Happening! MommyCon Vancouver

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When MommyCon announced that it was adding Vancouver, BC to its list of scheduled stops for 2017 I was overjoyed. No, scratch that, I was ELATED. You see, I’ve been following along with the excitement of MommyCon from a distance, always wishing and hoping that it would one day stop in Canada. I vowed to make it to the first Canadian MommyCon no matter where it was going to be held. Imagine my surprise when my very own hometown was chosen to host the first ever MommyCon in Canada! Now you’re probably wondering why I’m so darned excited about MommyCon Vancouver. What’s MommyCon anyway? Read More

A Winter Coat That’s Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle! (+GIVEAWAY)

A Winter Coat That's Car Seat Safe? Meet the Cozywoggle!

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Winter weather is officially here. It’s cold, it’s snowy, it’s miserable fantastic! With the cold weather comes the dreaded season of layering and un-layering every time you take your kids to and from the car. They get cold, you get cold, and then nobody’s happy. It’s a necessary inconvenience in order to keep your little ones buckled up safely throughout the winter. But what if there was an easier way? What if there was a way to seamlessly go from the car to the playground/school/outdoor winter fun-filled activity and back to the car without ever having to remove a coat or risk your kids complaining about being cold? That would be a dream come true, right? Well, you can pinch yourself because you’re not dreaming and this is possible! I want you to meet the Cozywoggle. The Cozywoggle is a true winter coat that can be worn safely in a rear or forward facing car seat without interfering with the car seat’s harness. You read that right, a true winter coat. Forget the extra layers, forget packing a blanket forget taking a coat off and turning it backwards. The Cozywoggle is all you need this winter.  Read More

Merry ClothMas Giveaway!


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Ho Ho Ho, It’s the Merry ClothMas giveaway! Cloth diapers and Christmas are a perfect pair. Why? Cloth diapers make great gifts for baby, toddler and even parents. Plus, reusable diapers are a gift to Mother Earth 365 days a year! It’s the perfect time to add that special print to your collection, boost an existing stash, receive gifts from friends and family and add great accessories that really make cloth diapering a joy!

Merry ClothMas features high quality items that any cloth diapering family would love to have under their tree! Longing for hybrid fitteds or a sprayer? There’s always room on Santa’s sleigh for fluffy Christmas presents! Take a look at the prizes included below and the great companies providing them. Read More